About Mama Sophia

Mama Sophia is your trusted and confidential app for all questions related to contraceptives and safe abortion. Mama Sophia will help connect you with the best healthcare providers near you and provide you trusted information on sexual and reproductive health free of stigma and judgment. Mama Sophia prioritizes your well-being and freedom to choose.

The Mama Sophia app was created by the MAMA Network, a Women Help Women program that is a collaboration of grassroots activists and feminist groups based in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our collective aim is to improve women’s health and empowerment and reduce maternal death and morbidity due to unsafe abortion.

MAMA Hotlines represented in this app prioritize women’s well-being and immediate health. They are experts in the region in informing and accompanying women through telemedicine. Hotlines associated with the Mama Sophia app share confidential, trusted, and reliable information.


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