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Welcome to Mama Sophia.

Mama Sophia is a free, private, and secure mobile app filled with sexual and reproductive health information and resources. The Mama Sophia app is available in English for download anywhere in the world and can be used without access to the internet.

Download the Mama Sophia app to get started:

The Mama Sophia app is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable support so that people can make informed decisions as experts on their sexual and reproductive health.


People who download the app can use this tool to:

  • - Track their period cycle and log their symptoms
  • - Calculate the length of a pregnancy
  • - Learn more about contraception
  • - Find which contraceptive methods are best for them
  • - Speak with the Mama Sophia chatbot
  • - Get the facts on national abortion laws
  • - Explore safe abortion options
  • - Connect with hotlines for free help and counseling

All of this app activity will be confidential — no one will be able to access the data unless they know the user’s Mama Sophia app password. People who share their phone with others can quickly close out of the app or use privacy screens, and they have the option to easily delete their app data if needed.

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Connect with Mama Sophia to get access to a menstrual period tracker, pregnancy calculator, free contraception resources, as well as safe abortion information and support. This mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.